Curiosity, patience and learning to appreciate the unpredictable led me to a life long career as a self-taught fiber artist and I am forever grateful!  After experimenting for many years, I soon learned that I could transform a piece of white silk into the beautiful colors I imagined.  My line of wearable art begins with white silks and is hand painted one-by-one using various dye to cloth techniques, often involving creative layering of dyes and hand built tools and equipment.  Each piece is individually prepared, painted and hand crafted in my studio located near downtown Nashville.

My line consists of fiber necklaces, bags, scarves, tops and jackets, and can be found in select Galleries and Wearable Art Boutiques throughout the United States, as well as juried art shows.
34 Fiber Art Awards in 39 years including
"Best in Show" and "Best in Fiber". Thank you so much for all of your support!
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